Among the stars aboard the Evil flagship of Spacemacs

Who doesn’t know the holy wars between Emacs and Vim, the most advanced text editors? “Vim is lighter”, “Emacs is more configurable”, “Vim is more productive”, “Emacs can have everything you can imagine”… If you believe, like me, that both sides are right, Spacemacs is your text editor. Like they say in their website: The best editor is neither Emacs nor Vim, it’s Emacs and Vim!

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The pragmatism of music

In order to achieve efficiency, I try to question and optimize everything I can. And music is not an exception. The problem is that everyone is constantly using it, so it’s difficult to think objectively about the topic. I have attempted everything. I have tested the effect of several genres, sometimes only one, sometimes a mix of them. Even for long periods of time, I didn’t listen anything at all. After studying behaviourism and my last experiencies, I expose in this article what I think the best use of music is.

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