About me

Hi! My name is Lajto. I’m a self-taught programmer who works on a very ambitious project: Mekadimo. My goal is to change the world using science and technology in a radical way. Meanwhile, I study Mathematics and Physics at the University of Oviedo. The rest of the time, I enjoy life by cooking, meeting people, reading books and watching series and movies. Nice to meet you!

Personal data

  • Name: Lajto (/’laɪ·to/)
  • Legal name: David Andrés Martínez
  • Birthdate: April 20 (1995)
  • Citizenship: Spanish
  • City of birth: Cuenca, Spain
  • City of residence: Oviedo, Spain
  • Alma mater: University of Oviedo
  • Languages: Spanish (native), English (pending B2), Japanese (learning)
  • Website: lajto.com
  • Twitter: @_Lajto_
  • Sex: Male
  • Nutrition: Vegetarian
  • Religion: None (atheism)
  • Political ideology: Radicalism, anarchism, environmentalism
  • Personality: Adventurous, radical, sincere, passionate, curious
  • Goal: Change the world


  • Mekadimo: A new sociocultural system based on science instead of fiction.
  • Datakoro: Universal centralised data system to automate decision making.
  • Mekaranto: Artificial language to reconfigure our thinking scientifically.
  • Introduction to Mekadimo: A book that explains my project.

Programming skills

  • Languages: Haskell, PL/pgSQL, SQL, QML, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bash, Python, PL/SQL, Java, PHP
  • Web frameworks: Yesod, Pyramid, wheezy.web, Spring, Struts, Web2Py
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MySQL, Oracle
  • Operating systems: Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch Linux, OpenSUSE and other Linux distributions
  • Text editors: Atom, Spacemacs, Kate, Gedit, Netbeans, Eclipse
  • I advocate for free software and functional programming.

Academic history

  • I left school when I was 16 (2011) due to my rejection of the system.
  • I came back to school when I was 21 (2016) once I became pragmatic.
  • Bachillerato (La Sagrada Familia, Cuenca): 9.82/10 with honors (sciences)
  • EvAU (UCLM, Cuenca): 13.292/14 (with Physics), 13.792/14 (with Chemistry)
  • Currently studying Mathematics and Physics at the University of Oviedo.
  • I would like to live and study in Japan for some years.


  • Mechanism: Any phenomenon is caused by external factors.
  • Determinism: Randomness doesn’t exist; “random” means “I don’t know”.
  • Realism: Reality exists independently of us.
  • Physicalism: Everything is physical, so no metaphysics.
  • Infinitism: The world has infinite characteristics.
  • Positivism: Valid knowledge only comes from science.
  • Pragmatism: Truth doesn’t exist; our theories can be more or less useful.
  • Behaviourism: Human behavior is determined by the environment.


  • Science and technology: The best tools humanity has.
  • Mathematics: I want to abstract, think and communicate properly.
  • Physics: I want to know how the world works.
  • Programming: In addition to my project’s work, I like to be aware of new free software technologies. I don’t use Windows, just GNU/Linux.
  • Cooking: Using vegetables, I can cook great things.
  • Reading: Mostly essays for researching, but I’m open to literature.
  • Writing: I like to post articles in my blog. I’m working on a book too.
  • Languages: I would like to speak as many languages as possible.
  • Philosophy: Mostly philosophy of science.
  • Politics and economy: I want to know how the rules of the game work.
  • History: Knowing the history of humanity is crucial for me. It’s a huge field, where I always have a lot to learn. I also like to read biographies.
  • People: I like to meet new people, talking and sharing ideas.
  • Music: I like all kinds of music, including soundtracks.
  • Films, TV shows and anime: I appreciate good stories.

My favourite…

  • Book: Science and Sanity
  • Song: Imagine
  • Film: Interstellar
  • TV Show: Mr. Robot
  • Anime: Code Geass
  • Game: Chess